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Dance Studio

Special Events​

Whether it's your wedding, anniversary, sweet sixteen, or other special day, this is your time to shine in front of your friends and family! LESALSA Dance Studio is here to give you confidence and some great moves to impress your audience.

Dancing Grooms


How many lessons do I need?

This will vary depending on the result you want. To learn a basic waltz may take 2-3 lessons, while a choreographed piece will likely take 10.

When should we get started?

The sooner the better. Although we have a proven track record with many last minute couples, you will feel more confident if you give yourself enough time to practice. 

Can I get choreography to our favorite song?

That's our specialty. We can even cut the song for you.

Do you teach on weekends?

Lesalsa is open 7 days a week.

What dance styles do you teach?

Our instructors are ballroom trained, and able to teach any style.

Dancing Grooms

Step 1

Click below to set up your $50

consultation and lesson

Step 2

Come in for your consultation and dance lesson

step 3

Decide on a package that best fits your needs.

3 Lessons..........$269

5 Lessons..........$399

10 Lessons........$699

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